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Strata (formerly known as "Downside") is a rock band from Campbell, California. The band is comprised of Eric Victorino (Vocals), Ryan Hernandez (Guitar), Hrag Chanchanian (Bass), Adrian Robison (Drums). In 2004 they released their self titled debut on Wind-up Records. Their song "Piece By Piece" has been featured on the soundtrack for the movie, The Punisher, and the video game, Madden 2005. Their other song, "Never There (She Stabs)", was featured on the soundtrack of the movie, Elektra. Videos were made for "The Panic" and "Never There (She Stabs)".

Strata are currently in Cornwall, England at Sawmills Studios, with producer Sam Walliams (Supergrass, People In Planes) working on their second album.

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years active 2000 - present
origin Campbell, California
base Campbell, California
country United States of America
music genre Alternative Rock
Indie Rock
current members Eric Victorino
Ryan Hernandez
Hrag Chanchanian
Adrian Robison
past members Patrick Spain
website Official Site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia