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"Styx" is the first musical act to ever have four consecutive triple platinum albums.

The group originally formed in the Chicago, Illinois, area in 1961 as "The Tradewinds". This earliest line-up of the group included brothers Chuck and John Panozzo on guitar and drums, respectively; and vocalist, pianist, keyboardist, and accordion player Dennis DeYoung. Changing their name briefly to "TW4", Chuck switched to bass guitar and the band added guitarists/vocalists James "J.Y." Young and John Curulewski.

The band members decided to choose a new name when they signed to Wooden Nickel Records; several suggestions were made and, says DeYoung, Styx was chosen because it was "the only one that none of us hated."

The band's Wooden Nickel recordings, ''Styx'' (1972), ''Styx II'' (1973), ''The Serpent Is Rising'' (also 1973) and ''Man of Miracles'' (1974) were a mixture of straight-ahead rock with some dramatic prog-rock flourishes and art-rock aspirations. ''The Serpent Is Rising'' would foreshadow later endeavors by the group—the so-called concept album would be a medium up...

years active 1961 – present
origin Chicago, Illinois
music genre Arena rock
current members Tommy Shaw
James Young (musician)
past members Dennis DeYoung
John Panozzo
John Curulewski
Glen Burtnik
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source: Wikipedia