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"Suede" were one of the most popular and important English bands of the 90s.


"Suede" were formed in London in 1989 by bassist Mat Osman, singer Brett Anderson and his then girlfriend, Justine Frischmann, on rhythm guitar. They soon added guitarist Bernard Butler – who was recruited through an advertisement in the NME. Along with a drum machine as percussion, Suede were signed to RML Records, a label from Brighton. Famous comedian Ricky Gervais (who later found fame with ''The Office'') managed the band for a brief period before they were signed to a record label.

With Mike Joyce (formerly of The Smiths) famously filling in as drummer, Suede's first record "Be My God"/"Art", was printed but never released due to a dispute with the label. The few surviving records out of a batch of 2000 are considered amongst the rarest of Suede collectibles. Simon Gilbert soon replaced the drum machine and Suede signed to Nude Records. Frischmann had left the band by this point, partly because they would not play her songs, and partly because of tension created by the end of her relationship with Anderson and her subsequent dating of Damon Albarn of Blur.

The band's firs...

years active 1989–2003
country London, England
music genre Alternative rock, Britpop
current members Brett Anderson
Mat Osman
Simon Gilbert
Richard Oakes (guitarist)
past members Bernard Butler (1989-1994)
Neil Codling (1996-2001)
Justine Frischmann (1989-1991)
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source: Wikipedia