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Sugababes are a girl group formed in London, England, in 1998. They have so far released 16 singles that have reached worldwide top 40 charts, including four UK number one singles. They have also had three UK top five albums - Angels With Dirty Faces in 2002, Three in 2003 and the Number 1 album Taller in More Ways in 2005. They won at the Brit Awards for 'Best British Dance Act' in 2003, and were nominated twice for Best British Single - "Overload" in 2001 and "Push The Button" in 2006.

= Keisha Buchanan (born 30 September 1984) and Mutya Buena (born 21 May 1985) were childhood friends in London and met Siobhan Donaghy (born 14 June 1983) at a party when they were thirteen. Buchanan's family hails from Jamaica while Buena's mother is Irish and her father comes from the Philippines. The trio decided to form a group together soon after in 1998. London Records decided to offer the group a contract when the girls were 14 and brought in Cameron McVey?, known for his work with All Saints to develop an album.

The first single "Overload" made the UK...

Background group or band
Origin London, England
Instrument Singing
Genre Europop
Years active 1998-present
Current members Keisha Buchanan (1998-)
Heidi Range (2002-)
Amelle Berrabah (2006-)
Past members Siobhan Donaghy (1998-2001)
Mutya Buena (1998-2005)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia

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