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"Sugarcult" is an American pop punk band of Santa Barbara, California formed in 1998.

Tim met ex-drummer Ben Davis during a cigarette break at school. Ben (who then played bass) and Tim started to play together on a regular basis until Tim invited Airin Older, a fellow classmate, to join. Ben was moved to the position of drummer and Airin filled in for Ben on bass. Marko 72 was added into the band after meeting Tim back stage at a Superdrag concert. The pair apparently met because Tim was wearing a suit that resembled the one Marko wore to the show. Tim asked Marko to join the band before even hearing Marko play a single note on the guitar.

Sugarcult released their 3rd album, ''Start Static'' in 2001 featuring the hit singles "Pretty Girl," "Bouncing Off The Walls" and "Stuck In America." After the release of "Start Static" fans began to notice the regular absences of Ben Davis behind the drum kit. In 2003, Ben officially left Sugarcult. Ben was replaced by Kenny Livingston, the drummer for the band Lefty. On April 13, 2004, Sugarcult released ''Palm Trees and Power Lines.'' This album featured the MTV hits "Memory" (featured in ''Burnout 3'' and ''NHL 2005'') and...

years active 1998–present
origin Santa Barbara, California
music genre pop punk
alternative rock
current members Tim Pagnotta
Marko 72
Airin Older
Kenny Livingston
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia