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Sunk Loto

"Sunk Loto" are a 4 piece heavy metal outfit from Queensland, Australia. The bands members include drummer Dane Brown, vocalist/guitarist Jason Brown, guitarist/backing vocalist Luke McDonald, and bassist Sean Van Gennip. The band have released an EP, 2 successful full length albums, and various singles.

After the band was dropped from their long time label Sony to make room on the label for the finalists of Australian Idol, Sunk Loto looked toward the future. Securing management deals with US label Captiva Records, the band have since embarked on 2 full U.S tours, supporting Sevendust.

Back in Australia, the band have just finished a short Australian tour before heading back into the studio to finish writing and record their follow up to 2003's successful effort "Between Birth and Death".

* ''Society Anxiety'', 1999 EP

* ''Big Picture Lies'', 2000 album

** "Make You Feel", 2000 single

** "Sunken Eyes", 2000 single

* ''Between Birth and Death'', 2003 album

** "Everything Everyway", 2003 single

* Official band website


* Sunk Loto on MySpace

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years active 1997 – present
status active
origin Gold Coast, Queensland
music genre Heavy metal music
current members Dane Brown
Luke McDonald
Jason Brown
Sean Van Gennip
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia