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"Superchick", or "Superchick" is a contemporary Christian band. Critics say their music blends styles such as punk, rock, rap, and R&B to form a unique musical blend, which some critics liken to the band 311.

Superchick made its debut in 1999 at an Audio Adrenaline concert in front of an audience of 5,000. They continued to perform at live events throughout that year, self-releasing their first album in 2000. The album was re-released after they signed to Inpop Records, and became their first official album: ''Karaoke Superstar''.

Since then, their music has appeared in several movies and television shows, including the movie Legally Blonde. Their music has received favorable reviews in both Christian and mainstream magazines.

In 2005, the song "Anthem" from the album ''Beauty From Pain'' was selected to be the theme song for MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet 2. In 2006, Columbia Picture's movie Zoom featured the song "It's On" also from the album ''Beauty From Pain''.

Also in 2006, the song "We Live" was used for commercials for the upcoming ABC series "Brothers & Sisters."

The group is headed up by Max Hsu (keyboards, DJ, guit...

years active 1999–present
status Active
country Chicago, Illinois
music genre Christian Rock
current members Melissa Brock
Tricia Brock
Matt Dally
Dave Ghazarian
Brandon Estelle
Max Hsu
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia