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"Supergirl" is the name of several fictional characters, all depicted in the DC Comics universe. They are superheroes generally considered to be the female counterpart to Superman. The first appeared in ''Superman'' #123 (1958) and was created by writer Otto Binder and artist Al Plastino. Binder also created female counterparts for Captain Marvel (Mary Marvel) and Captain America (Miss America).

Due to a somewhat disjointed continuity, several different versions of Supergirl have appeared in comic books throughout the years. However, the most well-known incarnation is "Kara Zor-El", Superman’s cousin, also sent to Earth when their home planet Krypton was destroyed. Like her cousin, Kara can fly and possesses superhuman strength and abilities.

In 1985, the miniseries ''Crisis on Infinite Earths'' featured Supergirl's heroic death and then rebooted DC Comics’ continuity, changing it so Superman was the only survivor of Krypton. This began a 20-year stint in which several incarnations of Supergirl were introduced, none of them Superman’s cousin until a post-Crisis Kara Zor-El incarnation was recently introduced to modern continuity.

In 1984, Helen Slater starre...

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