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''For the police method of 1980s Northern Ireland, see'' Supergrass (informer)

"Supergrass" are a rock band from Oxford, England who were at their peak in the Britpop era of the mid-1990s. The band consists of brothers Gaz Coombes (guitar and lead vocals) and Rob Coombes (keyboards), Danny Goffey (drums and vocals), and Mick Quinn (bass and vocals).


Supergrass' origins lie in the band "The Jennifers", formed at Wheatley Park School, which featured a 16-year-old Coombes on vocals and Goffey (then 18) on drums. The Jennifers began building a reputation in the Oxford indie music scene, influenced by Buzzcocks, the Jam, The Kinks, the Who, and including traits of the pop-punk era, characterized by fast, three-chord, guitar-based, catchy tunes. The band enjoyed enough success to release one single in 1992 on Nude Records before they disbanded. Allegedly, before the split, Goffey and Coombes had agreed to continue to work together in the future.

When Coombes began working at the local Harvester he befriended co-worker Mick Quinn, another alumnus of Wheatley Park School (though older than Goffey and Coombes) and local would-be musician who had been playing with sma...

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Origin Oxford, England
Genre rock music
Years active 1991 in music
Current members Gaz Coombes
Danny Goffey
Mick Quinn
Rob Coombes
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source: Wikipedia