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"Superheist" is an Australian nu-metal band, formed in 1993 in Melbourne by guitarist DW Norton.

An early line-up featuring Norton, Rod McLeod (vocals), Adam Donath (bass) and Sean Pentecost (drums) started out playing grindcore along similar lines to Napalm Death but by 1996 Superheist was established as one of Australia's first successful nu-metal bands.

The band's two full length albums, ''The Prize Recruit'' (2001) and ''Identical Remote Controlled Reactions'' (2002) charted in the Top 20 on the Australian Albums Charts. Five of the band's single releases also made the Top 40. Seemingly at the top of their game, the band disappeared from view for six months at the end of 2003 before announcing a split early 2004, with Norton forming a new band called Walk the Earth.

In late 2005, Norton announced via a forum on the band's official website that he was working on new Superheist material with bass player Drew Dedman.

*D. W. Norton, guitar 1993 -

*Fetah Sabawi, keyboards 1996 - 2003

*Drew Dedman, bass guitar 1999 -

*Sean Pentecost, drums 1993 - 1995, 1996 - 2003

* Joey Biro, vocals (replaced McLeod) 2002 - 2003

* Rod ...

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