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"Supertramp " is a British progressive rock and pop band that had a series of top-selling albums in the 1970s.

Their early music included ambitious concept albums, but they are best known for their later, somewhat Beatlesque pop songs including "Dreamer", "Goodbye Stranger", "Give a Little Bit", and "The Logical Song". Despite chart success the band never attained superstardom in the UK (although they did in Canada, the US, and the rest of Europe); it was remarked at the height of their popularity that ''Supertramp'' was the best-selling group in the world whose members could walk down any street and not be recognised.

Original members:

* Rick Davies - vocals, keyboards, harmonica;

* Roger Hodgson - vocals, guitars, keyboards;

* Richard Palmer - vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, balalaika;

* Robert Millar - percussion, harmonica;

Members who joined the band after the departure of Palmer/Millar:

* Frank Farrell - harmony vocals, bass, piano, accordion;

* Kevin Currie - percussion;

* Dave Winthrop - vocals, flutes, saxophones;

Members who joined the band later - the Lineup period:

* Dougie Thomson - bass (replaced by Cliff Hugo);

* Bob Sie...

years active 1969-1988; 1997–present
music genre Arena rock
Art rock
Soft rock
country United Kingdom
current members Rick Davies
John Helliwell
Bob Siebenberg
Mark Hart
past members Roger Hodgson
Dougie Thomson
Richard Palmer-James
website Official Website
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia