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"Susperia" is a Norwegian symphonic black metal band formed in October 1998 by Tjodalv and Cyrus.

The band was originally named Seven Sins, but after the continued dislike due to similar named bands, the name was finally changed upon finding another band with the same name. Susperia's name was taken from the title of the horror film ''Suspiria'', but changed the spelling to avoid copyright issues. Quite ironically, Susperia should not be confused with another band that also took its name from the film, but with the correct spelling.

Susperia was started by Tjodalv ( Dimmu Borgir, Old Man's Child ) and Cyrus (Session: Satyricon, Old Man's Child ) in October 1998.

After Tjodalv left Dimmu Borgir in the middle of march 1999 he started to concentrate fully on Susperia together with Cyrus, who are old time friends. But before that, sometime in 1998 Tjodalv and Cyrus started to write and work on the music that would eventually be used in Susperia.

It all started to happen at the Wacken Open Air Festival in august 1999 when Athera meet Tjodalv who where both traveling with Mayhem to support their show. Tjodalv had brought some pre-production music, and he told At...

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