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Swell Maps

"Swell Maps" were a British experimental rock group of the 1970s from Birmingham, that foreshadowed the birth of post-punk.

Influenced by the disparate likes of T-Rex and the German progressive outfit, Can, they created a new soundscape that would be heavily mined by others in the post-punk era. Despite existing in various forms since 1972, Swell Maps only really came together as a musical entity after the birth of British punk rock.

Consisting of brothers Epic Soundtracks (real name "Kevin Godfrey") and Nikki Sudden (real name "Nicholas Godfrey") two Solihull based teenagers, plus Richard Earl, David Barrington, John Cockrill and Jowe Head, the band cut the single "Read About Seymour" as their debut in 1977, soon after the brothers left Solihull School. It is one of the classic punk era singles. Epic's drumming mixed with Nikki's unique melodies crafted over the assorted threads cast by the six musicians set the band apart from the others. After recording their first John Peel session Swell Maps went into WMRS studio to record their first album ''A Trip to Marineville'', which was released in 1979. With hard rocking punk numbers like "H.S. Art" interspersed by ambient...

years active 1972–1980
status Disbanded
country Birmingham, UK
music genre Rock'n'Roll, Avant-garde, Punk Rock
current members Epic Soundtracks
Nikki Sudden
Jowe Head
Richard Earl
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source: Wikipedia