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"Swell" are an American indie and lo-fi band formed in San Francisco, USA in 1989 by David Freel (guitar/vocals) and drummer Sean Kirkpatrick. Joined by bassist Monte Vallier and second guitarist John Dettman, the band issued their self-titled debut album (1990) and follow-up 'Well..?' (1991) on their own Psycho Specific imprint to positive reviews and college radio airplay.

Plaudits from musical luminaries such as British DJ John Peel followed, and in the tailwind of the grunge explosion Swell signed a record deal with Warner Brothers offshoot Def American. Their first major-label album '41' (1994) was released to a warm critical reception, but problems with Def American's finances led to Swell leaving the label with fourth album 'Too Many Days Without Thinking' already partly recorded.

UK indie label Beggars Banquet signed the band and 'Too Many Days Without Thinking' (1997) was released to Swell's best reviews yet, although Kirkpatrick was to depart. Follow-ups 'For All The Beautiful People' (1998) and 'Everybody Wants to Know' (2001) saw the band take a more studio-oriented sound, with core member Monte Vallier eventually leaving the group and resurfacing briefly in p...

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