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: ''Switchfoot is also a surfing term.''

"Switchfoot" is an alternative rock / power pop / post-grunge band from San Diego, California, United States, whose lyrics focus on spiritual and social themes. The current members are Jon Foreman (vocals, guitar), Tim Foreman (bass, backing vocals), Chad Butler (drums), Jerome Fontamillas (guitar, keyboard, backing vocals), and Drew Shirley (guitar). Switchfoot gained mainstream recognition after the inclusion of four of their songs in the 2002 movie ''A Walk to Remember''. This recognition led to their major label debut, ''The Beautiful Letdown'', which was released in 2003, featuring their best-known singles, "Meant to Live" and "Dare You to Move".

According to Jon Foreman, the name "Switchfoot" is a surfing term. "We all love to surf and have been surfing all our lives so to us, the name made sense. To switch your feet means to take a new stance facing the opposite direction. It's about change and movement, a different way of approaching life and music" .

Switchfoot was founded in 1996 as Chin Up, consisting of Jon and his brother Tim, along with Chad on the drums. The band signed with Charlie Peacock's re:think Record...

years active 1997–present
status Active
country San Diego, California
music genre Alternative rock
Power pop
current members Jon Foreman
Tim Foreman
Chad Butler
Jerome Fontamillas
Drew Shirley
website Official site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia