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"Tad" was a rock band from Seattle, Washington. Tad was one of the many bands which came out of Seattle in the grunge era. Their music has noticeable 1970s metal influence, rather than the punk which influenced most other grunge bands. The band member had a distinct look, dressing like northwestern lumberjacks. Led by the ex-butcher Tad Doyle on vocals and guitar, Tad was formed in late 1988 by Doyle and bassist Kurt Danielson, who met at a Christian potluck dinner. They played together in a band called Bundle of Hiss until 1988. Doyle himself was previously the drummer for a band called ''H-Hour''. They recruited Steve Weid (from Skin Yard) on drums and Gary Thorstenson on guitar.

Tad were the last Seattle band to be signed onto Sub Pop, which was wallowing in the new success of grunge music. Their debut album was ''God's Balls'' (1989), produced by Jack Endino. In March 1990 they released ''Salt Lick'', recorded by Steve Albini. The single "Wood Goblins" was released in the same year, and was banned by MTV on the grounds that the video was "too ugly". After a tour with Nirvana, Tad returned to Seattle and recorded ''8-Way Santa'' (1991), named after a type of blotter acid....

years active 1988–1999
origin Seattle, Washington, United States
country United States
status Disbanded
music genre Grunge
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source: Wikipedia