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Take That

"Take That" are a British boy band that originated in Manchester, England in 1990, widely known as the pioneers of the genre in the UK. Between the band's first single release in 1991 and their breakup in 1996, the BBC described Take That as "the most successful British band since The Beatles, beloved of young and old alike". Take That's dance-pop tunes and soulful ballads dominated the British charts in the first half of the 1990s, spawning two of the best selling albums of the decade with "Everything Changes" 1993 and "Greatest Hits" 1996, and according to All Music Guide, "at this time were giant superstars in Europe with the main question about them not being about whether they could get a hit single, but how many and which would make it to number one".

The band split in 1996 but, after a 2005 documentary and the release of a greatest hits album, they announced a 2006 tour around the United Kingdom, entitled ''The Ultimate Tour 2006''. On May 9 2006, it was announced that Take That were set to record their first studio album in over 10 years.


According to an article in Rolling Stone magazine by Stephen Thanabalan, Take That were a relatively new phenomenon when...

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