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"Takida" is a rockband from Ånge, Sweden. They started in 1999 and consist of Robert Petterson (vocals), Tomas Wallin (guitar), Mattias Larsson (guitar), Fredrik Pålsson (bass) and Kristoffer Söderström (drums). In 2000 they recorded their first demo “Old” and thanks to increased popularity they where able to release four EP’s and a full album. They got signed in 2005 to Ninetone records/universal music. They released their first single, ”Losing”, in january 2006 and in april 2006 their first real album “...Make you breathe” was released. The name Takida comes from a manga cartoon.

* ''OlD'' (2000)

* ''t2'' (2000)

* ''tAKiDA'' (2001)

* ''gohei'' (2003)

* ''thorns'' (2004)

* ''...make you breathe'' (2006)

"Also appears on"

* ''PlAyeD out'' (2000)

* ''Strictly Diesel'' (2002) Official Takida Web

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