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TALISMAN is a hard rock band whose main brand mark is a melodic/powerful international sound.

TALISMAN started off more or less as the brainchild of Marcel Jacob. He previously played with bands like Rising Force, John Norum's Group and Power. On the first self titled album, TALISMAN was not really a band: when Marcel started working on those tracks he was playing with John Norum and thought that the songs would end up on the second Norum's solo album after he left Europe. Göran Edman, who was also with John at that time, sang on the demos.

But John rejected those songs and Göran was offered to join Yngwie J. Malmsteen. Marcel was later contacted by a guy who had been fired by the label which originally showed some interest in the demos. This guy was pretty much sure that a couple of tracks could become a hit. This was very good but Marcel didnât basically have anyone lined up. So he started looking around for musicians but the auditions done to some Swedish vocalist contenders were unsuccessful. Cary Sharaf (ex Wasa Express guitar player) suggested that Jeff Scott Soto

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