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Talk Talk

"Talk Talk" were a English music group that was active from 1981 to 1991. The group is known for their early synthpop/New Wave singles, including the international hits "Today", "Talk Talk", "It's My Life", "Such a Shame" and "Life's What You Make It". They are also recognised as forerunners to the post-rock genre for their later experimental albums.

Original members included:

*Singer/songwriter - Mark Hollis

*Keyboardist - Simon Brenner

*Bassist - Paul Webb

*Drummer - Lee Harris

Brenner left the band in 1983, and was technically not replaced. However, producer/co-writer/keyboardist Tim Friese-Greene became a de facto fourth member of the band around this time, and along with Hollis, was responsible for the group's sound and direction. Friese-Greene did not generally play with the band during live shows; Talk Talk stopped playing live in 1986.

By the time of their last album in 1991, Webb had left the group. Talk Talk had by then morphed into what was essentially a brand name for the studio recordings of Hollis and Friese-Greene, along with a bevy of session studio players (including Harris).

Although they were associated with the New Wave mov...

years active 1981–1991
music genre New Wave music
current members Mark Hollis
Paul Webb
Lee Harris (musician)
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