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"Taproot" is a four-piece nu metal/alternative rock music group from Ann Arbor, Michigan. The band formed in 1997, and have become well known in nu metal circles, touring with bands such as Linkin Park and KoЯn.

Taproot formed in 1997 back in their hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

In 1998, the band sent their demo to Limp Bizkit frontman/businessman, Fred Durst. Impressed with their material, he offered them a recording contract through Interscope Records - which to this day is Limp Bizkit's label. However, Durst never followed through with the deal and Taproot continued to shop around until they landed a lucrative record deal with Atlantic Records/Velvet-Hammer.

Feeling betrayed, Durst heavily cursed the band on vocalist Stephen Richards' answering machine. He also put some blame on System of a Down, who assisted Taproot in securing the Atlantic deal.

The band's released their debut album titled ''Gift'' (2000) in June. With the single "Again & Again" gaining heavy exposure through MTV2's Headbangers Ball, the band's mainstream rise gained momentum.

With the help of Ozzy Osbourne's son Jack, Taproot landed a spot on the second stage of the Ozzfest To...

Background group or band
Border white
Origin Ann Arbor, Michigan
Genre Nu Metal
Alternative Rock
Years active 1997 – Present
Current members Stephen Richards
Mike DeWolf
Phil Lipscomb
Jarrod Montague
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia