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Tea Party

"The Tea Party" was a Canadian rock band with blues, progressive rock and Middle Eastern influences. The band called its brew of styles "Moroccan Roll". A well-known band with a succession of hit songs and music videos in Canada, they have stated that they were either loved or hated. The band continually missed mainstream American recognition, but did develop a large following in Australia.

The power trio formed in Windsor, Ontario in 1990. Its members later relocated to Montreal, then spread out to other cities in Canada.

Initially playing indie rock and blues-based music, they developed a dedicated following while experimenting with musical style, incorporating diverse instruments. They have toured with a symphony orchestra, and it was estimated that they used more than 30 different instruments to record their album ''The Edges of Twilight''. These include the dombek and darabukka, djembe, and tabla, all percussion instruments, and the esraj, harp guitar, harmonium, hurdy-gurdy (a.k.a Vielle), oud, santoor, sarod, saz, sitar, and tamboura, all string instruments.

Of special note is the rare Gibson harp guitar owned by Jeff Martin. It is reputedly from 1916, and...

years active 1990–present
origin Windsor, Ontario
music genre Blues-Rock, Progressive Rock
current members Jeff Martin (Canadian musician)
website Official site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia