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Team Sleep

"Team Sleep" is a alternative music group led by singer/guitarist Chino Moreno, better known for fronting the Deftones.

Team Sleep originated as Chino Moreno's idea to create a softer, moody side project. Originally, the song "Teenager" (released in 2000 on the Deftones record "White Pony") was meant to be a Team Sleep song. DJ Crook, a long-time friend and roommate of Frank Delgado, had done the beats on Teenager. Chino Moreno decided to start Team Sleep with DJ Crook, and Chino's childhood friend, Todd Wilkinson. To date, Zach Hill and Rick Verrett have been added to the permanent roster as drummer and bassist.

Team Sleep performed a number of live shows on the United States' west coast in late 2001 and early 2002 with Todd Wilkinson, Dan Elkan (Pocket For Corduroy), Sonny Mayugba (Phallucy), Zach Hill (Hella), Rick Verrett (Tinfed) and DJ Crook handling instrumentation.

“We were never going to make a record, or start a band,” adds Wilkinson, “I was just sitting at home, playing guitar, and I started recording some stuff. It was never about trying to play shows, record in a studio, or anything of that sort. It was just bumming around. I had never been i...

years active2000-Present (time)
countryCalifornia, USA
music genrealternative music
current membersChino Moreno
Todd Wilkinson
Rick Verrett
Zach Hill
DJ Crook
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source: Wikipedia