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"Terrorvision" were a British rock band. They were formed in 1987 (originally as The Spoilt Bratz) in Keighley, but they broke up in 2001. The band used Bradford as a base after the name change to Terrorvision, by which time the band members had left home and all moved there.

The re-release of their second single, "My House" (from the album ''Formaldehyde''), in December 1993 proved to be Terrorvision's breakthrough to UK singles chart success, and preceded by months the release of their second album ''How to Make Friends and Influence People'' in April 1994. The leading single from that album, "Oblivion", was also a chart success. Indeed, all their singles achieved Top 40 entries in the UK until the release of "Tequila", which reached number 2.

A video compilation, ''Fired Up and Lairy'', was released in April 1995, and included spoof documentary segments interspersed with all the band's videos to date. A third album, ''Regular Urban Survivors'', followed in March 1996, and spawned four singles; "Perseverance", "Celebrity Hit List", "Bad Actress" and "Easy". Lead singer Tony Wright, possessed of a quirky and appealing sense of humour, achieved minor celebrity statu...

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