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Tex Morton

Tex Morton (born Robert William Lane in Nelson, New Zealand, August 30, 1916; died July 23, 1983) was a pioneer of Australian country music. At age 14 he left home to launch himself into show business. His first attempts to run away and join the circus ended in him being found busking by police and he was promptly returned home. About 1934, he recorded some "hillbilly" songs privately. He later claimed that these were played on New Zealand radio, though this is perhaps unlikely. Some of these recordings have recently come to light, though they have not been commercially reissued. About 1934 (the exact date is uncertain - Morton himself once claimed it was 1932), he emigrated to Australia, apparently intent on a recording career. On February 25 1936, he recorded four songs for the Columbia Graphophone Company in Sydney, Australia.

Between 1936 and 1943, Morton recorded 93 78-rpm records of his songs (accompanying himself on an acoustic guitar for most tracks) for Columbia's Regal Zonophone label. On some later tracks, he was accompanied by his band, The Rough Riders, and a female singer 'Sister' Dorrie (real name Dorothy Carroll). In 1943, he left...

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