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"Texas" is a pop music band from Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom. They were founded by Johnny McElhone (formerly of the bands Altered Images and Hipsway) in 1986 and had their performing debut in March 1988 at Scotland's University of Dundee. They took their name from the 1984 Wim Wenders movie ''Paris, Texas''. Their musical sound went from blues rock from their debut album ''Southside'', via blue-eyed soul of ''White on Blonde'' to the disco pop of ''Red Book''.

Texas scored a worldwide hit in 1989 with their debut single "I Don't Want a Lover". This was taken from their debut album ''Southside'' which went on to sell two million copies worldwide. The follow up albums ''Mother's Heaven'' (1991) and ''Ricks Road'' (1993) were less successful and failed to provide the band with any further big hit singles in the UK. Although these albums sold well in France and Spain, this was not sufficient for the record company, meaning the band faced a lot of pressure with their fourth release. In the meantime Ellen DeGeneres had approached the band, and Sharleen Spiteri and Ally McErlaine flew to the U.S. to redo a song off the third album, "So Called Friend", which went on to becom...

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