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The Call

"The Call" is a San Francisco Bay Area-based rock band (Santa Cruz, actually) formed in 1980 by vocalist/guitarist Michael Been, Scott Musick, and Tom Ferrier. Two of the members are from Oklahoma Scott Musick and Michael Been.

Been took a short break from the band in 1988 to appear in Martin Scorsese's controversial film ''The Last Temptation of Christ'' as the apostle John.

In 1990, the Call released ''Red Moon,'' which included background vocals by U2's Bono. Peter Gabriel and Simple Minds's Jim Kerr both guested on 1986's ''Reconciled.'' Garth Hudson, of The Band, played keyboards on their first three records.

Been also participated in composing and performing the music to Paul Schrader's 1992 film ''Light Sleeper''. The film also features two of his songs, ''To Feel This Way'' and ''World On Fire''.

Been's son, Robert Levon Been, is the frontman for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Although the band is not currently touring, their fan base remains dedicated to their music and sound. Their music is often heard on the radio and is often requested today. The band has not broken up but faced with the challenges of the current musical climate, they have chosen...

origin San Francisco Bay Area, California, United States
years active 1982 – present
music genre Rock (music)
current members Michael Been
Tom Ferrier
Scott Musick
Jim Goodwin
Greg Freeman
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia