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69 Eyes

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The 69 Eyes

"The 69 Eyes" is a horror rock band from Finland. They formed in Helsinki in the early 1990s, the band original played Sleaze Rock music. The line-up includes Jyrki69 on vocals, Timo-Timo on rhythm guitar, Bazie on lead guitar, Jussi69 on drums and Archzie on bass.

They started off as a "Helsinki Sleaze" rock band but later albums were more influenced by gothic metal, with Jyrki taking heavy influence for his vocals from Peter Steele (Type O Negative).

The band released their first single, ''Sugarman'', in 1990. It resulted in the bands first album ''Bump 'n' Grind'' which was only released in Finland in 1992. It was followed in 1995 by another Finnish only release ''Savage Garden'' and again in 1997 with ''Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams''.

In 1999, ''Wasting the Dawn'' was released internationally on Roadrunner Records. The album's hit single, ''Wasting the Dawn'' paid tribute to the Doors' Jim Morrison. The video featured HIM member Ville Valo posing at a snowy cemetery as the ghost of Jim Morrison.

Spring of 2000 brought the single ''Gothic Girl'' which spent months on the Singles Top 10 and on Finnish nation radio playlists. It brought the band their first...

years active 1990 - present
country Finland
music genre Horror Rock
Sleaze Rock
current members Jyrki 69 (Vocals)
Timo-Timo (Guitar)
Bazie (Guitar)
Jussi 69 (Drums)
Archize (Bass (instrument)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia