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The Candyskins

The Candyskins are a rock band formed in 1989 in Oxford, England. Considered by many as one of the cream of the 'Oxford Scene', they enjoyed limited commercial success compared to their contemporaries Radiohead and Supergrass. The band recorded four studio albums over a period of eight years. After the successfully release of the Submarine Song in 1990, the band went into the studio to produce their first full length album Space I'm In. The album featured three singles: Submarine Song, She Blew Me Away and You Are Here. After a year of touring the band released their second album Fun? on Geffen Records in 1993. This began an elongated legal dispute between the record company and the band over song writing royalties.

The album Sunday Morning Fever was released on Ultimate Records in the UK in 1997 and saw the band enjoy their biggest chart successes with both 'Monday Morning' and 'Hang Myself on You' making it well into the Top 40. Sadly the record company went bust and the band were left in limbo during the recording of their last album Death of a Minor TV Celebrity. The album did not do as well as th...

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