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The Dead

"The Dead" may refer to:

*The dead, those who have died.

* "The Dead" was a nickname for American rock band the Grateful Dead.

* "The Dead" is the name of a 2000s reformation of the Grateful Dead surviving members.

* ""The Dead"" is a short story by James Joyce, from his book ''Dubliners''.

* "''The Dead"'' was also a 1987 film adapted from Joyce's story

* "''The Dead"'' was also produced as a Broadway musical, opening in 1999 - see The Dead (musical).

* "The Dead", a nickname for the "Dustmen" Faction in the D&D campaign setting ''Planescape''.

* " "The Glorious Dead" " (or "Our Glorious Dead") is a phrase used on war memorials, usually referring to soldiers killed in World War I.

* "The Glorious Dead" is also a three-piece rock band from Wales.

* "The Glorious Dead" is also a Doctor Who comic strip story in ten episodes.

Various figurative expressions attribute some typical qualities of death to other things:

* " "The dead of winter" " is the darkest, coldest part of that season.

* " "The dead of night" " describes night time at its darkest, quietest and stillest.

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