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The Deadlines

"The Deadlines" were a Christian rock band that formed in 1998 and disbanded in 2002. Their musical style started as horror punk and later evolved toward glam rock. They were signed to Tooth & Nail Records.

Shaun Sundholm started the Deadlines in 1998 with drummer Jeremy Abbott as the evolution of their punk rock band, The Oblivious Kids, who had also been known as The Chosen Few and The Pinheads, among other names. The band originally started in 1996 under the aforementioned monikers and settled as the Pinheads in late 1996; Jared Beddingfield had joined the band as their bass guitarist. After two shows, the Pinheads broke up. Jeremy and Shaun kept playing together and eventually changed their name to the Oblivious Kids when they added Brian Jones on bass. The band recorded a four-song demo cassette and played a handful of shows. Around 1998 the band began taking on a darker, more horror-punk sound akin to The Damned or The Misfits. Because their sound had changed significantly, the band members decided to change the band's name to The Deadlines.

During their years as a horror punk band, the members of The Deadlines used stage names rather than their given names. ...

years active 1998-2002
origin Portland, Oregon
music genre horror punk
glam rock
current members Shaun Sundholm
Tim Eurich
Gerrit Lovesick
Joshua Griffith
Travis Waldie
past members Brian Jones (aka Spencer Spooks)
Sam Weisenan (aka Sammy Lugosi)
Thomas Demise
Brent Salo (aka The Creature)
Jeremy Abbott (aka Jerry Attrick)
Carlos Colon (aka Carlos Cadaver)
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source: Wikipedia