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The Drones

"The Drones" are an Australian rock group who rose to prominence during the early 2000's. Unlike most modern rock groups, they were influenced by an eclectic bunch of bands including Bad Brains, Suicide, Red On Green, The Birthday Party, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan and Nina Simone.

As a band kicking away from the conventional modern rock played by such bands as The Strokes and The Hives, they are prone to playing high energy melodic rock one second and then breaking away into a bluesy dirge the next second. Like The Triffids, The Go-Betweens, Nick Cave and The Dirty Three before them, The Drones indefinitely left Australia in 2005 to concentrate on the European market, where their seemingly difficult and out-there style of music could be more widely appreciated. In similar fashion to their forefathers, The Drones eventually returned to Australia to find a ground swell of interest in them - generated by acclaim and publicity both at home and abroad.

The first incarnation of The Drones formed in Perth in 1999. In early 2001, Pereira and Liddiard relocated to the east coast, with intentions of making serious inroads into the music industry. Inevitably they lived in rough condi...

years active 1999–present
origin Melbourne, Australia
music genre Rock (music)
current members Gareth Liddiard, Fiona Kitschin, Rui Pereira, Michael Noga
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia