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The Format

"The Format" is a rock band formed by Arizona natives Sam Means and Nate Ruess. They chose their name to make fun of the music industry's inclination towards a cookie-cutter "format" for a hit. Despite this critique of the music industry, the duo's first single, aptly titled "The First Single," from their five song demo, ''EP'', became locally popular and led to the two signing with Elektra Records in 2002. Their first studio album, ''Interventions + Lullabies'', was released in October 2003 and was very successful around the Phoenix area and sold over 80,000 copies in the US.

After Elektra folded, The Format released a second EP, ''Snails'' with sister label Atlantic Records in April 2005. Although this record was not released in stores, it can purchased at any of their performances, their online store and on iTunes. While preparing to record their second album, The Format were dropped by Atlantic. Upon completing the album, called ''Dog Problems'', Nate and Sam decided to release it on themselves through the newly establish Vanity Label. Two months prior to the album's release, an MP3 version was leaked to the internet. In response, the entire album was made available dig...

Background group or band
Origin Phoenix, Arizona
Genre Rock and roll
Years active 2001 - Present
website Official site
Current members Sam Means
Nate Ruess
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia