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The Fortunes

"The Fortunes" are an archetypal English beat group. Formed in Birmingham, The Fortunes first came to prominence and international acclaim in 1965, when "You've Got Your Troubles" broke into the American and British Top Ten.

* "Rod Allen" - born Rodney Bainbridge on 31 March, 1944 in Leicester - lead vocalist and bassist

* "Glen Dale" - born Richard Garforth on 24 April, 1943, in Deal, Kent - guitarist

* "Shel Macrae" - born Andrew Raeburn Semple on 8 March, 1945, in Burnbank, Scotland - co-lead vocalist, guitarist

* "Barry Pritchard" - 3 April, 1944, Birmingham – 11 January, 1999 - guitarist

* "Andy Brown" - born Andrew Brown on 7 January, 1946 in Birmingham - drummer

* "David Carr" - born on 4 August, 1943 in Leyton, Essex - keyboards

Following in the wake of Merseybeat, and the R&B of the Rolling Stones, The Fortunes added another dimension to the sound of pop, with their sophisticated orchestration, dual lead vocals and well worked counter-melodies.

The result was a succession of distinctive hits including "You've Got Your Troubles", "Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again"; even continuing into the 1970s with more globally successful rel...

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