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The Frames

"The Frames" is an Irish band based mainly in Dublin. As of late 2004, the band consists of Glen Hansard (vocals, guitar), Joe Doyle (bass guitar, vocals), Colm Mac Con Iomaire (violin, keyboard and vocals) and Rob Bochnik (lead guitar). Various people played drums during 2004, including Graham Hopkins who drummed on ''"Dance the Devil"'' ,''"Burn the Maps"'' and the band's soon to be released, as yet untitled album. On both versions of the album ''Fitzcarraldo'' the band went by the moniker ""The Frames DC"", to avoid confusion with a United States band.

The band has existed since 1990 and is a survivor of Dublin's prolific early 90s rock and roll scene. They have also been central to the development of the current crop of emerging Irish rock bands, including Turn, and have toured with other Irish artists as support, including Damien Rice and Bell X1. In December 2004, Hansard appeared on stage to collaborate with singer songwriter Paddy Casey.

The name ''The Frames'' arose from Hansard's habit, at a young age, of fixing the bicycles of many of his friends. The large number of bicycle frames lying around his house led neighbours to dub it the "house with the frames". In ...

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