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The Hooters

"The Hooters" are an American band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, formed in 1980 and taking their name from the 'hooter' or melodica which provided a distinctive sound to so many of their records. The band performed at the 1985 Philadelphian Live Aid benefit concert, gaining international recognition for the first time. In 1987 after heavy airplay in Britain, "Satellite" from the album ''One Way Home'' was a UK hit, reaching No. 22, though many fans thought that the less successful follow-up single "Karla with a K" was superior.

Band members Eric Bazilian and Rob Hyman performed on albums with Cyndi Lauper in 1983 and 1993 and, in 1996, the Hooters released a live version of the song "Time after Time" (which Lauper co-wrote with Hyman) on their greatest-hits compilation ''Hooterization: A Retrospective''.

The Hooters toured Germany and the United States from 1983 to 1996. Except for the small reunion heard on the album ''Largo'' in 1996, the Hooters did not play together again until 2001, when they performed at the Wachovia Spectrum in Philadelphia. In 2002 they began a profitable reunion tour of Germany. The years 2003, 2004, and 2005 each brought successful tours to...

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