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Little Flames

The Little Flames

"The Little Flames" is an indie rock band from Liverpool, England. The band consists of Eva Petersen (Vocals), Greg Mighall (Drums), Joe Edwards (Bass), Miles Kane (Guitar) and Mat Gregory (Guitar). Their music can best be described as indie rock with some 60s inspiration, slightly similar to The Coral. Fans of the band include Arctic Monkeys, who could be seen wearing Little Flames t-shirts at a recent concert at the Astoria in London. The band has played shows with other bands such as Arctic Monkeys, The Coral, The Dead 60s and The Zutons.

The band's second single, "Put Your Dukes Up, John" is set to be covered by Arctic Monkeys and released on their upcoming single, "Leave Before the Lights Come On".

The Little Flames formed in December 2004, after members of the band were introduced to each other by dub and punk DJ Babylon Fox.


*"Goodbye Little Rose" (2005)

*"Put Your Dukes Up, John" (2005)

* The Little Flames web

years active 2004-present
origin Liverpool, England
country United Kingdom
music genre Indie rock
current members Eva Petersen
Joe Edwards
Mat Gregory
Miles Kane
Greg Mighall
website Official Website
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia