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The Magic Numbers

"The Magic Numbers" are a four-piece band from England comprised of two pairs of brother and sister. The group were formed in 2002, released a debut album in June 2005 and are currently in the process of recording a second album, which is planned for international release in late 2006.


The Stodarts are the children of a Scottish father and a Venezuelan mother and were born in Trinidad in the Caribbean, but were later raised in New York after their family fled an Islamic coup there in 1990. In the mid-1990's they moved to London. The Gannons are of Irish descent but lived in Hanwell where they took the Stodarts in as friends.

Prior to forming The Magic Numbers, Romeo and Sean spent time trying to form a band together under various guises, and previously performed under the name ‘Guess’.


The origins of the band’s name is not officially declared or cited, but in an interview once held with a schoolchild researching a project on the band, Romeo said “some people call songs ‘numbers’ and we thought that not many people would have heard of the name before”.


In late 2002 The Magic Numbers were formed in their present guise, and they...

years active 2004 – present
origin Ealing, England
music genre Indie (music)
current members
Sean Gannon
Angela Gannon
Romeo Stodart
Michele Stodart
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia