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The Manhattans

"The Manhattans" is a popular R&B group from Jersey City, New Jersey. They were formed in 1962 and best known for when they released albums on Columbia Records.

The Manhattans formed in 1962 with members George "Smitty" Smith, Edward "Sonny" Bivins, Winifred "Blue" Lovett, Kenny "Wally" Kelley, and Richard "Ricky" Taylor. Bivins, Lovett, and Kelley were graduating from Lincoln High School, while Taylor and Smith were graduating from Snyder High School. All five enlisted in the armed forces, and came together as a group following their discharges from their respective branches.

The group's first single was For The First Time, released in August of 1964 by Carnival Records. Many consider August 15 1964, the date of recording, to be the official start of the group. The group continued recording with great success, with the songs written by various members of the group. In 1968, the group received the award "Most Promising Group" by NATRA. In 1969, the group jumped to the Deluxe label of King Records. They then went on a college tour. While playing at Kittrell College in North Carolina, the group met another group, the New Imperials, who featured member Gerald Alston, neph...

years active 1966-2002
country USA
music genre R&B
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source: Wikipedia