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The Shadows

"The Shadows" are an English instrumental rock 'n' roll group active from the 1950s to the 2000s.

Formed initially as a backing band for Cliff Richard, they took the name "The Drifters" until finding out that there was already a thriving American band with that name. The original members were Terry Smart on drums, Norman Mitham on guitar, Ian Samwell on guitar and Harry Webb (before he became Cliff) on guitar and vocals. The original Drifters had no bass player. Samwell wrote the group's first hit record "Move It" which is often mistakenly attributed to the Shadows.

The name was changed to "Cliff Richard and the Drifters" shortly after first manager Johnny Foster discovered the group, and they were quickly signed up for an appearance on Jack Good's ''Oh Boy!'' television series. Producer Norrie Paramor of EMI signed Cliff, and asked Johnny Foster to recruit a better guitarist, so Foster went back to Soho's 2is coffee bar (then famed for the strength of musical talent performing there, particularly in skiffle groups) in search of guitarist Tony Sheridan. Sheridan was not there but Foster's attention was caught by another musician, who was tall, good looking, played guit...

origin England
status disbanded
years active 1958 – 2004
music genre Rock 'n' Roll
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia