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The Wiggles

"The Wiggles" is a Sydney, Australia-based band which specializes in creating and performing music for children. The group is internationally noted for its childrens' albums, home videos and television programs. The Wiggles also tour heavily in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The Wiggles are particularly popular in their native Australia. They are currently the nation's highest-earning entertainers. According to an April 2006 survey published in the Australian media, The Wiggles grossed more in 2005 than AC/DC and Nicole Kidman combined.

The Wiggles have four members: Greg Page (lead vocals), Anthony Field (backing vocals and instrumentation), Murray Cook (backing vocals and instrumentation) and Jeff Fatt (keyboards and accordion). When performing each member wears a distinctively colored shirt, or "skivvy," and is strongly associated with his respective color: yellow (Greg), blue (Anthony), red (Murray), and purple (Jeff).

In addition, each of the members has a recurring schtick, or bit. Greg performs magic tricks, Anthony is al...

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