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Thin Lizzy

"Thin Lizzy" are an Irish rock band who formed in Dublin in 1969. The band was originally led by bassist, songwriter and singer Phil Lynott. They are best known for their 1976 song "The Boys Are Back in Town" - a major international hit still played on hard rock and classic rock radio.

Critic John Dugan writes that "As the band's creative force, Lynott was a more insightful and intelligent writer than many of his ilk, preferring slice-of-life working-class dramas of love and hate influenced by Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and virtually all of the Irish literary tradition." Others have suggested that Van Morrison was a major influence instead of Springsteen. American groups Little Feat and Bob Seger also influenced Lizzy..

Their music covered much territory (including hints of country and traditional folk music), but is generally classified as proto-metal or hard rock. While some say the band's name may have been derived from a nickname for the Ford Model T car, the ''Tin Lizzie'', another account insists that the band name came from a ''Dandy'' comic

years active 1969–1984; 1996–present
origin Ireland
music genre Hard Rock
current members John Sykes
Scott Gorham
Marco Mendoza
Michael Lee
past members Thin Lizzy#Personnel
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source: Wikipedia