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Thousand Foot Krutch

"Thousand Foot Krutch" or "TFK" is a Canadian Christian rock band.

The band consists of:

*Trevor McNevan (vocals/guitar)

*Steve Augustine (drums)

*Joel Bruyere (bass)

*Jamie Aplin (tour guitar)

Trevor McNevan and Steve Augustine are also in another band, called FM Static.

McNevan started the band in Peterborough Ontario, a city northeast of Toronto, where he went to high school. Joel (pronounced "Joe-ell") Bruyere, was McNevan's childhood friend who had moved away but remained in contact with him. Drummer Steve Augustine is from Hamilton, Ontario.

They now consider the Toronto area home, when not touring. McNevan (vocalist, songwriter, and band founder of Thousand Foot Krutch), came up with the band's name through his belief that God is a crutch that you can lean on, even if your problems pile a thousand feet high.

TFK's first release, ''That's What People Do'', was released independently in 1998 and is out of print. The band first made an impact on the Christian rock scene with their next release, "Set It Off" in 2000. The sound of the album was distinct in its heavily hip-hop influenced rap nu-metal, and though a few songs from t...

years active 1998–present
status Active
country Peterborough
music genre Nu-metal, Christian Rock, Alternative Rock
current members Trevor McNevan
Steve Augustine
Joel Bruyere
Jamie Aplin
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia