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"Threebrain" is the pseudonym of Brendan Kilcoyne, an internet animator and musician best-known for his song "Weeeeeeeee!", also known as Gonads and Strife. He plays bass and sings comedy songs that range from bizarre to immature to silly. His albums are ''Weeeeeee!'' and ''Fetus Trackstar''. He was formerly a member of the band ''Albert Christmas Squirrel'', named after Threebrain's bandmate Albert. The band also supposedly included a drummer named Jimmy, but he was never heard on any Albert Christmas Squirrel releases, and the band's second single, ''Hypothermia!'' was supposedly a tribute to him, as he died from hypothermia. Eventually Albert discontinued posting on the website and was never heard from again; no explanation was given, although it is presumed that he and Threebrain had a falling out. Threebrain's early career included many songs with high-pitched, chipmunk-like voices, although more recently this technique has not been used as commonly. Other creations by Threebrain include ''Fling Fling'', ''Jimmy Pee'', ''Positive Pals'', ''Busy Buddies'', and ''Alphabet Song (for Kids)''. Threebrain also designed commercials for the regional chain of convenience stores Ampm.
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