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"Thursday" is a post-hardcore band from New Brunswick, New Jersey, formed in 1997. The band released their first full-length album ''Waiting'' in 1999 on New Jersey-based indie record label Eyeball Records. The band came from a DIY background, and their first album can be compared to that of Four Hundred Years and early Cursive.

Thursday emerged from the underground indie scene in 1999 after receiving frequent airplay on Seton Hall's Pirate Radio station's late night "emo" broadcast called "Under The Stars". The band's frequent performances in their basement with other popular independent bands of similar sound garnered the attention of DJs from the station which was a major resource for local record companies to pick up independent acts and soon attracted the attention of Victory Records. Garnering significant commercial radio airtime with the single "Understanding in a Car Crash" from their breakthrough second album ''Full Collapse'', the band landed a major label record deal with Island Records. The result of this deal was ''War All the Time'', the group's third album, which was released in September 2003.

Thursday's sound is based upon both post-punk and shoegaze atmo...

years active 1997–present
origin New Brunswick, New Jersey
music genre Post-Hardcore
current members Geoff Rickly
Tom Keeley
Steve Pedulla
Tim Payne (musician)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia