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"Thyrfing" are a Viking Metal band from Sweden. The band is named after a royal sword from Norse mythology.

Thyrfing was formed in 1995 by Patrik Lindgren (guitar), Jocke Kristensson (drums), Peter Löf (keyboard) and Kimmy Sjölund (bass guitar). From the beginning the band was meant to be a side project as Patrik & Jocke put their main force into their other band Pantheon. Northern mythology and the Viking age was an interest of all the members, so the lyrics and the concept was focused upon this subject. The music was rather primitive and built upon slow pounding drums, heavy guitars and medieval synth-melodies. After two demo tapes that gained a lot of good response in the underground, Thyrfing signed to the Dutch record label Hammerheart Records in 1997. In Stockholm's Sunlight Studio in Stockholm, their debut album was recorded, showing a much more varied songwriting. It was released in March of 1998. For their second album, this time recorded in the Abyss Studios, their music took a more symphonic touch, still keeping the roots from the older material. For future live performances Henke Svegsjö from Ancient Winds was recruited on guitar. He seemed to be a good choic...

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