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"Tiamat" is a band from Sweden that was formed in Stockholm, in 1988. The band's music has been described variously as gothic metal, gothic-doom metal, and symphonic metal, due to some variances in sound throughout their discography.

Initially, they had begun as straightforward death metal under the name Treblinka. The band split up in 1989, leaving vocalist/guitarist Johan Edlund, who would subsequently change the name to Tiamat.

After ''Sumerian Cry'' (which was the first Tiamat album, but written while under the name Treblinka), Edlund's leadership modified the sound with moody, atmospheric textures and vocals that

would attribute them (along with Samael and Rotting Christ) as one of the starters of dark metal and symphonic black metal.

1994's critically acclaimed ''Wildhoney'' was seen by many as their crossover album, mixing harsh vocals, slow, intricate guitar riffs and celestial-sounding synthesizers which were quite different from other symphonic black metal bands active at that time. An almost continuous forty-minute piece of music, ''Wildhoney'' was considered to be a landmark release in the field of extreme metal, preceding many of the trends that wo...

years active 1988 – present
status Active
origin Stockholm, Sweden
music genre Symphonic metal
Doom metal (earlier works)
current members Johan Edlund
Thomas Petersson
Anders Iwers
Lars Sköld
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source: Wikipedia