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To My Surprise

To My Surprise

"To My Surprise" is an experimental rock band, referred to as a side project of Shawn Crahan, a member/founder of alternative metal band Slipknot.

Originally called The Ornge, The band changed its name To My Surprise for major label debut. The band had a long line of influences including The Monkees, John Lennon, Pink Floyd and Jim Morrison. The members were Brandon Darner (a percussionist who briefly toured with Slipknot) who was put on vocals and rhythm guitar, Stevan Robinson Jr. was put on lead and bass guitar, and Shawn played percussion, wrote most of the lyrics and took care of the artwork. All band members hail from Des Moines, Iowa. They released their selftitled debut in 2003, produced by Shawn and Brandon and with Rick Rubin as executive producer. The album, although a very good and promising debut, received little interest due to been released around the time of Corey and Joey's side projects. The band was later dropped by Roadrunner records.

To My Surprise were currently working on a 7" release with two new songs and in february 2006 they will enter the studio to record their second full length album, consisting a new line-up: Dorothy Hecht (Lead Vocals), Jarr...

origin Des Moines, Iowa
country America
years active 2002—Present
music genre indie (music)
Current members Dorothy Hecht
Jarrood Brom
Paul Thompson
Wade Thompson
Shawn Crahan
Stevan Robison
past members Stevan Robinson Jr.
Brandon Darner
website offical site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia