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"Tocotronic" is a German rock band founded in 1993 (see 1993 in music). Similar to Blumfeld and influential for bands such as Tomte, Tocotronic not only innovated German language music, but also inspired a number of later bands, such as Wir sind Helden. Their influence on pop culture is widespread, from fashion (Tocotronic made the combination of 1970s style training jackets with cheap second-hand ad-shirts famous in Germany) to the playful and weird look of their early records.

Tocotronic come from Hamburg and are released on L'Age D'Or, together with Die Sterne - forming the so-called Hamburger Schule ("School of Hamburg"). The band members are bassist Jan Müller, drummer Arne Zank, and guitarist and singer Dirk von Lowtzow. Starting with the latest album "Pure Vernunft darf niemals siegen" a new guitarist and keyboarder, Rick McPhail, has joined the band. He used to play with Tocotronic on live shows before.

The band became a subject of dark irony when in 1995 on their album ''Nach der verlorenen Zeit'' they released a song called ''"Michael Ende, Du hast mein Leben zerstört"' (Michael Ende, you destroyed my life)'', ostensible a hate-song against the writer of the p...

years active 1993–present
origin Hamburg, Germany
status Active
music genre Alternative Rock
current members Dirk von Lowtzow
Jan Müller (Tocotronic)
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source: Wikipedia