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Tokyo Rose

"Tokyo Rose" was a name given by Allied forces in the South Pacific during World War II to any of several English-speaking female broadcasters of Japanese propaganda.

The name is usually associated, erroneously, with Iva Toguri D'Aquino (born Ikuko Toguri, July 4, 1916, Los Angeles, California), a United States citizen visiting relatives in Japan at the start of the war. In 1949, perjured testimony led to D'Aquino being convicted of treason by the United States government. She was released after six years, and on January 19, 1977, pardoned by U.S. President Gerald Ford, who also restored her citizenship.

Unable to leave Japan after the start of hostilities, she took work at the Japanese radio show ''The Zero Hour'', using some of her earnings to feed P.O.W.s. She married Felipe D'Aquino, a Portuguese citizen of Japanese-Portuguese descent, in 1945. Later that year, Following Japan's surrender, two reporters offered $250 for the identity of Tokyo Rose. A monetarily tainted identification led to her arrest. Though she was released when the FBI and the U.S. Army's Counterintelligence Corps found no evidence against her, influential gossip columnist Walter Winchell lobbi...

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